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Speak honestly or someone else will speak on our behalf!

Too many times we shy away from open dialogue, whether it’s because we’re afraid to lose the love and appreciation of our dear ones, or because we’re afraid to clean up our prejudice closets.

We run away from each other, though we’re aware that questions left unanswered don’t just disappear, no matter how far under the carpet we sweep them. But right now we risk falling in the trap of extremes, where the extremes just judge each other without talking. We feel it’s important to accept the challenge posed by these questions.

Through #honestly we encourage the public to reflect on the real reasons behind their fears, their hostility or their reluctance to the LGBT community and their needs.

So join us for the 2017 Cluj Pride and let’s speak #honestly

Where, what and how?

On July 1st, 10.00 AM – Garibaldi Bridge (Sala Polivalentă)

We will silently walk the city center, wearing the message of the march – #honestly (#spunedrept) – on our chests and on speech bubble shaped banners. Other citizens will join us, those who believe in #RESPECT for rights and freedom, our partner organizations and our allies.

If you support the respect for freedom and human dignity and you believe that solidarity among all citizens is a fundamental value of our society, we encourage you to come and bring your friends, colleagues and family along, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity.

So get a white shirt out of your closet and bring it to the Pride preparation workshop, so we can design it together. Can’t make it? Download the stencil here and draw it yourself.

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